Tuesday, February 5, 2019

The Picture of Democrat Priorities

The Picture of Democrat Priorities
Commentary by Sanford D. Horn
February 5, 2019

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (CA) and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo are a microcosm of the Democrat Party’s priorities and moral relativism. Pelosi calls walls (or any structure) that would help secure the southern border of the United States “immoral,” while living in her ivory tower-gated community as the peons below her literally pee on the streets of San Francisco sans repercussions. 

When asked about the comments Virginia Governor Ralph Northam (D) made about late term abortion and infanticide, Pelosi feigned ignorance, as did myriad Democrats, taking cover under shrugged shoulders claiming not to have followed the day’s news cycle. Cuomo called the signing into law the absolute relaxing of abortion laws in New York, “a moral victory.” Late term abortion in New York State is legal up to and including the points of crowning and dilation. Here you go, Madam Speaker, read up: https://sanfordspeaksout.blogspot.com/2019/01/infanticide-new-morality.html 

OK, Pelosi didn’t feign ignorance, she has mastered it to an art form, the same way she manages a vote in the House of Representatives. Yet mere moments after a supposed yearbook photo of Northam surfaced on Friday, February 1, Pelosi is front and center calling for the Virginia governor’s resignation. The photo, from his Eastern Virginia Medical School yearbook, shows Northam clad either in a KKK robe and hood or in black face - both equally despicable.

While crickets could be heard around the Democrat Party regarding late term abortion and infanticide, a frenzied cacophony swelled as Democrats couldn’t trip over themselves fast enough to call for Northam’s resignation. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) uttered nary a word pertaining to the slaughter of born infants, yet called the Northam photo “disturbing,” in demanding the governor’s resignation.

But is there room for redemption or forgiveness in the liberal/progressive bag of tricks? Apparently there is for criminal activity as opposed to stupidity. Case in point; Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ), who days ago tossed his sombrero into the ever growing list of presidential hopefuls, invited as his guest, Edward Douglas to attend the State of the Union address. Douglas earned himself a life sentence in 2003 for selling 140 grams of crack cocaine. Yet on January 10, Douglas was released under the auspices of President Trump’s “First Step Act,” giving criminals a second chance at a redeemable life. Douglas is forgiven a serious drug offense after 15-plus years, but Northam is persona non grata for a 35 year old yearbook photo. Such priorities.

While I’m certainly not endorsing racism, it seems the Democrats have their priorities completely backward - reacting apoplectically to a 35 year old photo while remaining silent to the legalization of the crimes that sent abortionist Kermit Gosnell to prison. To review, walls and borders - immoral; full term murder and infanticide - a moral victory.

In their quest to out-liberal and out-progressive each other, moving so far to the left as to expect an endorsement from Pravda, Democrats seeking their party’s nomination during the summer of 2020 have further devalued life to its lowest common denominator, dollars and cents. “We believe that reproductive freedom leads to economic freedom for women,” said Northam. How he can claim the words he uttered the prior Wednesday on WTOP radio were taken out of context, when he doubled down with such a reprehensible notion. By the way, if women don’t want children, that’s perfectly acceptable, not they need my blessing one way or the other, obviously. There are ways to avoid motherhood that don’t involve the murder of a child - contraception, adoption, and abstinence. 

Yet this is not the issue on which the Democrats wish Northam to fall on his sword. That would be the aforementioned yearbook photo, which apparently is more egregious than infanticide. Such priorities. And adding insult to his self-inflicted injury, Northam, with the nickname “Coonman,” appearing in the same yearbook, first apologized for the photo, then, the next day, after categorically denying it was him, figuratively shot himself in the mouth admitting he actually did appear in blackface attempting to emulate Michael Jackson in a dance contest in San Antonio. Northam actually had to be verbally prevented from demonstrating the Moonwalk by his wife. Where is his brain?

Some things the left-wing media simply can’t whitewash or protect, as they did regarding Northam’s abortion comments, as ABC, NBC, and MSNBC provided no coverage, and CBS less than 30 seconds. Make no mistake, the racism issue is a smokescreen the Democrats need to protect their precious abortion on demand through birth, of which the left-wing media is wholly complicit.

Add to the mix the new revelations of accusations levied against Virginia Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax. Fairfax is accused of sexual assault during the Democratic National Convention of 2004, something apparently The Washington Post conveniently failed to report during the campaign of 2017 when Fairfax won his current post. Such a quandary for the Democrats who insisted, nay, demanded, that all the accusers who came forth during the Supreme Court confirmation of now Justice Brett Kavanaugh must be believed. How much of a priority will this be for the Democrats to unearth the truth? Is Fairfax to be given a pass because he’s a Democrat? Is he to be given a pass because he is black? What is the pecking order of the ever changing rules according to the PC and thought police of the Democrat Party?

By the way, Booker admitted to unwanted sexual groping dating back to 1992, yet his voice was one of the loudest against Kavanaugh. Apparently admission of guilt by a Democrat nets one a continuing seat in the United States Senate, while a Supreme Court appointee by a Republican president is guilty without proof. Such priorities.

Liberals/progressives don’t get enough red meat going after conservatives, they eat their own now - just ask former Senator Al Franken (D-MN), former NBC news anchor Tom Brokaw, and actor/comedian Kevin Hart - of the three, only Franken deserved his ultimate political demise.

Be careful America, because the words you uttered or printed a decade or three ago, the costume you wore, harmless then, will undoubtedly come back to not just haunt you, but send your career to the dustbin. This, along with the liberal/progressive protection of abortion rights on demand will continue to be part of their Final Solution for total control of an America that once enjoyed freedom of speech and religion - unless we stand up and shout ENOUGH.

Sanford D. Horn is a writer and educator living in Westfield, IN.

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