Friday, January 27, 2006

Hitler Also Won an Election - How Did that Work Out?

Hitler Also Won an Election – How Did That Work Out?
Commentary by Sanford D. Horn
January 27, 2006

The terrorist Hamas won an allegedly fair and legal election last Wednesday, January 25 in the West Bank and Gaza Strip – land that should never have been ceded to Palestinians in the first place. Make no mistake, the Palestinians have a homeland – it’s called Jordan. Like Iran, Hamas would rejoice over the destruction of the Jewish state. Even after the surrender of the Gaza Strip, terrorism continued.

The Bush administration is reconsidering Palestinian aid as it considers Hamas a terrorist organization. (Former President Jimmy Carter said that such aid should continue.) Even the morally bankrupt Europe calls Hamas a terrorist group. Israel correctly said that to negotiate with a Hamas government would be disingenuous as the virulent anti-Israel Hamas is hell-bent on the “wiping Israel off the map,” as Iran’s leader has repeatedly expressed.

An election does not legitimize a terror state – lest we learn a lesson from Germany. Hitler won election in 1933, gained recognition by governments the world over and he began his reign of terror by rounding up and deporting Jewish citizens. Even after calling for the Nuremberg Laws that expelled Jewish students from schools and Jewish professionals from their careers, Germany still received a free pass from the likes of the spineless British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain by granting the Nazi dictator appeasement in 1938 just one year prior to the advent of World War II.

Israel has a good friend in George W. Bush and an ally in the United States. "I don't see how you can be a partner in peace if you advocate the destruction of a country as part of your platform… and... if your party has got an armed wing. I made it very clear that the United States does not support political parties that want to destroy our ally, Israel," said President Bush last Thursday following the Hamas victory.

Sanford D. Horn is a writer and political consultant living in Alexandria, VA.