Friday, December 4, 2015

Political Correctness Murders 14 in CA

Political Correctness Murders 14 in CA
Commentary by Sanford D. Horn
December 04, 2015

Thanks to a pusillanimous weasel fearing to be labeled a “racial profiler,” 14 innocent American men and women are dead in San Bernardino, CA – slaughtered by two Muslim extremists committing jihad in the worst terrorist attack on American soil since September 11, 2001.

The deceased, lest they be forgotten in the din of media coverage of the two Muslim extremist terrorists, are the following:

Robert Adams, age 40, survived by wife Summer and a 20 month old daughter;

Isaac Amanios, 60, survived by wife Hiwet and three children; he fled his native Eritrea to escape the violence and give his family a better life;

Benneta Bethadal, 46, survived by husband Arlen Verdehyou and three children; she escaped Islamic extremism of Iran at age 18;

Harry Bowman, 46, survived by two daughters;

Sierra Clayborn, 27;

Juan Espinoza, 50, survived by wife Sandra and two children;

Aurora Godoy, 26 – the youngest victim, survived by husband James and a 22 month old son;

Shannon Johnson, 45, shielded co-worker Denise Peraza – wounded, but survived;

Daniel Kaufman, 42;

Damian Meins, 58, survived by two children;

Tin Nguyen, 31, survived by her mother, who, with Tin, fled Vietnam when Tin was eight years old;

Nicholas Thalasinos, 52, survived by wife Jennifer;

Yvette Velasco, 27, survived by her parents and three sisters;

Michael Wetzel, 37, survived by wife Renee and six children.

While this is the 215th mass shooting of the year and 59th since October, make no mistake this is not an issue of gun control, but an issue of terrorism and the invasion into the United States by Muslim extremist terrorists. The cache of weapons found in the home of Sayed Farook, 28, and his wife Tashfeen Malik, 27, was akin to an arsenal large enough to take down numerous installations around San Bernardino and beyond. The attack on his workplace holiday party may have simply been the appetizer for a more sinister entrée where greater carnage would have been the result.

The four guns owned by Farook – two long guns and two handguns, were acquired legally. It is the dozen pipe bombs found in the Redlands residence that should be of concern. Pipe bombs the likes of which were found in an al-Qaeda magazine – a publication easily accessible in the public domain.

It is the fact that Malik, born in Pakistan, and had pledged allegiance to ISIS on social media that went untracked and unchallenged that should be of concern. Yet, in typical Barack Obama fashion of fecklessness, he couldn’t see the forest for the trees as he immediately called for increased gun control laws while the shooting was still a fluid situation. His head continually buried in the sand, Obama equates San Bernardino with gun control, an issue he relishes, instead of the more hand wringing issue of terrorism rendering Obama more than just a little uncomfortable.

Once again it is imperative to remind Mr. Obama that an increase in gun legislation will only impact the lives of honest, law-abiding gun owners. Criminals, whether terrorists or the garden variety gangs and thugs, have not, do not, and will not abide by gun laws – that’s what makes them criminals in the first place. And more and more gun laws restricting law-abiding gun owners are simply restricting their Second Amendment rights.

The same is true for these so-called gun-free zones. Whether public schools, college campuses, work places, or any other locale announcing itself as a gun-free zone is an open invitation to criminal behavior, and also a restriction of the Second Amendment. Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut was a gun-free zone that saw the slaughter of 20 children and six adults could have been prevented had there been an armed officer on campus.

Democrat frontrunner for President Hillary Clinton issued the outlandish statement that gun manufacturers be held responsible for such mass shootings. Using that feeble attempt at logic, car manufacturers should be held responsible for fatalities in a multi-car pile-up. Sound absurd? Of course it is.

What needs to be limited is not accessibility to guns, but the political correctness that played a role in the murder of the 14 innocents in San Bernardino. Political correctness has run so far amuck that people are afraid of appearances – afraid to say something after seeing something – the very see something, say something mantra even preached by Obama himself – unless Muslim extremists are involved. Political correctness is literally scaring people to death – people are frightened to the core to speak up, say what needs to be said, for fear of being labeled a bigot, a racist, a racial profiler or worse – perhaps at the cost of their job or position within a community.

It is political correctness that had liberals, left-wing media, and anti-Christians blame an entire religion on one lunatic’s shooting rampage at a Colorado Planned Parenthood. Yet, those same people and institutions won’t even utter the words Muslim extremist or Islamic extremist or jihad or jihadists even when the evidence is as plain as vanilla ice cream.

Evidence such as the aforementioned pledge made by Malik to ISIS. This is the same Malik who had a Pakistani passport, met Farook on-line, married him in Saudi Arabia, and by all reports was the impetus in the radicalization of her husband, who heretofore had no criminal record. Malik garnered entry into the United States via a visa issued to those to be betrothed to an American. Farook then traveled to Pakistan and Mecca during the summer of 2014. Coupled with the cache of weaponry found in the couple’s residence and all roads lead to the Muslim couple being terrorists.

Yet, in spite of the overwhelming evidence, Obama still blinded by his own wishful thinking, said “it’s possible it’s terrorism; it’s possible it’s work place violence.” This is the same Obama who said ISIS was contained the day prior to the Muslim extremist terror assault in Paris. Clearly one cannot contain ISIS/ISIL, al-Qaeda, or any other name one wishes to assign these terror operations. It is this level of obtuseness from the White House that encourages Obama’s minions to perpetuate this notion of blame America first; don’t say anything negative about Islam because that foments the violent behavior from the terrorists. The longer this behavior continues, the less shocking it is when these attacks occur, whether overseas, or now and in the future, at home. These savages must be ended, eliminated, eradicated – killed – yes, killed. We are at war with radical Islam and they want to kill us. In war you kill your enemy and the enemy is radical Islam.

The enemy is no longer knocking at the gates. The enemy has breached our perimeter and they must be stopped. Stopped by curtailing immigration from countries voting against the United States more than 50 percent of the time. Stopped by curtailing visa for students, guests, and tourists from those same countries. Profile if necessary, and apparently it is. Priority one of this government should be to keep America and Americans safe. Without a safe homeland America can no longer be the beacon of hope and freedom for those “yearning to breathe free.”

Sanford D. Horn is a writer and educator living in Westfield, IN.