Wednesday, June 29, 2005

If Soros Buys, I Say Good-Bye

If Soros Buys, I Say Good-Bye
Commentary by Sanford D. Horn
June 29, 2005

I, like my fellow-Republican acquaintances Tom Davis of Virginia and John Sweeney of New York, cringe at the thought of left-wing extremist George Soros coming within a country mile of the ownership of the Washington Nationals.

However, I am not as disingenuous as Davis as to suggest that “I don’t think I’ll be getting good season tickets if he gets the team,” Davis was quoted as saying in Sally Jenkins’ Wednesday, June 29 commentary “Taking Aim At Soros Is Hardly Politic.” This is because I would put my money where my mouth is – and not give Soros one dime of my money for him to spend on his extremist causes. Davis, however, would still support Soros, and thus by extension, Soros’ left-wing projects.

While I don’t approve of a Soros-owned Nationals – or anything else for that matter – I don’t begrudge him the right to own the team or anything else, for that matter, thus agreeing with Jenkins. I disagree with Jenkins when she said “I don’t much care about Soros, and I don’t care at all which rich guy gets the privilege of spending $400 million… on the Nats.”

Well I do care about Soros and about who may own the Nationals. Soros is too liberal and he does advocate for legalized/decriminalized marijuana, a needle exchange program for drug users/addicts, open borders and a whole host of other beliefs I do not subscribe to.

As a lifelong New York Mets fan, much to Yankee fan Sweeney’s chagrin, I eagerly awaited baseball’s return to our nation’s capital – especially since the Nationals are a rival National League East team who will battle the Mets throughout the season. I have already been out to RFK to see the Nationals take on the Mets as well as other teams and have tickets to continue doing likewise during the summer.

But my financial support of the Nationals will cease under the ownership of Soros and would recommend to others who share my principals to do likewise. Such a threat, which would become a promise should Major League Baseball decide to “award” the team to Soros, could cost the team more in the long run. Soros has the right to own the team, as much as I and other current patrons have a right to withhold financial support.

As for Jenkins’ accusation of Davis’ xenophobia, it is somewhat over the top. Davis is no more xenophobic for not wanting Soros as owner of the Nationals than he is anti-Semitic for supporting a Fred Malek ownership. I, for one would just as soon boycott a Malek-owned team as I would a Soros-owned team. I am an active Jewish Republican and have had a number of one-on-one conversations with Davis and don’t believe him to be xenophobic or anti-Semitic.

Major League Baseball will make the decision regarding ownership of the Nationals. Hopefully it will be a decision its fans can live with. See you at the ballpark – maybe.

Sanford D. Horn is a writer and political consultant living in Alexandria, VA.