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Dems Build Wall Out of Hypocrisy

Dems Build Wall Out of Hypocrisy
Commentary by Sanford D. Horn
January 8, 2019

From upon high, the Democrats continue to look down on the American people from their ivory towers and behind their gated communities, as they push the envelope of protestation against the border wall as far left as the Progressives will sustain them.

The likes of current and former senators Joe Biden (D-DE), Hillary Clinton (D-NY), Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), Bill Nelson (D-FL), Barack Obama (D-IL), Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Debbie Stabenow (D-MI), and Ron Wyden (D-OR), voted, on September 29, 2006 in favor of the Secure Fence Act, which passed overwhelmingly 80-19. More than a dozen years later, all currently argue against a wall, fence, physical barrier - call it what you will - semantics be damned, but with hypocrisy looming large.

Biden, Clinton, Obama, and especially Schumer are most vociferously haranguing against this structure and are willing to further the current partial government shutdown all the while blaming President Donald Trump. This is purely vengeful by the aforementioned Democrats adding to the mix newly installed Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), calling such a wall “immoral.” Are the gates around your mansion immoral, madam speaker? 

Is it immoral to protect the citizens of the United States from the slaughter that has befallen Kate Steinle, Mollie Tibbetts, and most recently police Corporal Ronil Singh - himself a legal immigrant from Fiji, at the violent hands of illegal aliens? There are thousands of names that could be added to this list of those who will never see or be seen by their families and friends. These Democrats are putting their animus toward Trump ahead of the safety of the American people, as well as the financial well being of the nearly one million government workers who are currently working under paycheck furlough conditions.

Whether concrete, steel, or electric barbed wire, some physical structure is vital for the protection of the American people on the southern border of the United States. But, more than, preferably an American made wall, increased technology and manpower is needed as called for by President Trump in his address to the nation this evening.

Trump rightfully continued his clarion call for the wall, as he has since he began his campaign for the White House in 2015, reminding the American people of the continuing invasion by illegals; also why he called for more immigration judges. With the multi-fold increase in asylum seekers, most of whom do not have legitimate claims, more judges are required to adjudicate these cases at a speedier rate.

With the chaos at the border, legitimate complaints by Mexican nationals about the crime and trash on their side of the border, the heinous amounts of drugs pouring across the border, the murders, rapes, human smuggling and trafficking, for Schumer to look the American people in the eyes and accuse of Trump of “manufacturing a crisis” is simply obtuse. And again, hypocritical, as Schumer voted to fund border security and a wall on more than one occasion. As for Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA), who Tweeted her ignorance calling this Trump’s “self-made crisis,” she is testing the waters for a possible 2020 presidential campaign, along with about three dozen other Democrats.

To be fair, this crisis did not manifest itself out of thin air. Trump, the Republicans, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico are complicit with the Democrats. Trump’s complicity is based upon a strong economy that he has led, which strengthens people’s resolve to emigrate to the United States. 

The violence and abject poverty in Mexico and the aforementioned Central American nations is pushing people north without regard for American law. Quite frankly, if I lived on one of those countries, I would want out, but there is a right way and a wrong way in which to accomplish the goal of immigrating to the United States. I stood witness to my mother-in-law’s swearing in as an American citizen, having come from Peru, where she was presented with an American flag that flew over the US Capitol. 

That flag is a source of pride for my mother-in-law, which is more than can be said for newly inducted Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), who, on the night of her election, wrapped herself in a Palestinian flag. (Tlaib is a strong supporter of the anti-Israel BDS movement and has written Palestine on a map in her office to replace Israel. Tlaib recently bellowed for Trump’s impeachment, calling him a mother-f-er, in front of her young son. My mother-in-law, by the way, couldn’t wait to vote for Trump for president.)

As for the GOP, their fault lies in not having enough intestinal fortitude to do the right thing while they had the majority in the House of Representatives. They had the opportunity to turn the wall from the campaign promise garnering Trump myriad votes into his signature piece of legislation that if ever brought to fruition, will save countless lives. But this is the same Republican Party that, with the Democrats, has turned a blind eye to illegal immigration for decades, save for some lip service for the base of the party. The Democrats want the illegals to be granted amnesty and citizenship with the hopes of creating millions of new, loyal party voters. The Republicans, with support from big business, are helping create cheap labor. Both parties are wrong, and those Americans on the lowest rungs of the economic ladder are suffering most.

The shutdown needs to end, sooner rather than later; not for political purposes, but for economic purposes as nearly a million government employees are the political football in a game for which they did not sign up. The Democrats need to fund some form of structure as part of comprehensive border security that includes technology, manpower, and an increase in judges to more quickly hear the cases of asylum seekers. Grant the legitimate ones asylum, send the rest back to their country of origin.

Border security legislation needs to include a change in laws that disincentivize illegals from either coming to America, or staying here, by denying them jobs, drivers licenses,  welfare, education, medical and health care, all at the expense to American taxpayers. Punish, financially, employers who hire illegals. Cut federal funding to colleges and universities who admit and allow to matriculate, illegals. Put those funds toward border security. While we’re at it, let’s solve the DACA problem by granting them permanent resident status - the Democrats will be happy for legalizing the so-called “dreamers,” and the Republicans will be happy by not giving the “dreamers” voting rights. Additionally, the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution must be amended to end birthright citizenship of children born to illegals once and for all.

Let the open borders failure witnessed in France, Germany, Holland, and the United Kingdom be a lesson to the United States. Walls work - just ask Israel. In fact, Nehemiah was ordered by G-d to build a wall around Jerusalem to protect its citizens from enemy attack. If a wall is good enough for G-d, it is most certainly good enough for us, mere mortals on His planet.

Sanford D. Horn is a writer and educator living in Westfield, IN.

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