Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Vote Cruz - Now More than Ever

Vote Cruz – Now More than Ever
Commentary by Sanford D. Horn
May 3, 2016

Friends; fellow Hoosiers, Indiana is the Crossroads of America and this nation is also at a crossroad.

Can we afford to continue down the perilous path toward higher taxes and higher unemployment due in part to forced socialized medicine? A path where America’s allies can no longer count upon us and America’s enemies no longer fear us? It is bad enough the United States is not respected as a nation to the point where Americans traveling abroad are not safe. Where increased illegal immigration and sanctuary cities render our porous borders meaningless. Where political correctness is destroying the fabric of this nation, especially where the First Amendment is concerned on college campuses. Where the Second Amendment is in jeopardy and the military is weakened physically and in its morale by an administration with disdain for our troops.

The time is nigh we the people speak out and pull ourselves out of the morass into which we have fallen. While there is no such thing as a perfect candidate, I subscribe to Ronald Reagan’s 80-20 rule – don’t discard a candidate for which you disagree 20 percent of the time when you still agree with him or her the remaining 80 percent.

As was said of Barry Goldwater (R-AZ) during the 1964 campaign for president, Texas Senator Ted Cruz represents a choice, not an echo. He is oft criticized as having few friends in the Senate. There’s a reason for that – Cruz is not a go along to get along senator. (One of those friends, Utah Senator Mike Lee, who I met over the weekend, has been criss-crossing the state stumping for Cruz.) His agenda, and the reason the people from the Lone Star State sent him to Washington, was to end the status quo, make genuine change and improvements in the lives of those who sent him there and not be beholden to special interest groups.

Ted Cruz will ensure the seat held with dignity and aplomb on the Supreme Court by the late Justice Antonin Scalia will be filled by a Constitutional Conservative who will do the job of interpreting the law and not legislating from the bench. In addition to the passing of Scalia, it is quite probable that three additional justices will retire during the next administration and with Cruz’s acumen as a Constitutional expert; we the people can rest assured future selections to the High Court will fit the Scalia mold.

Senator Cruz will restore strength and dignity to the US military and put them in a position to destroy all enemies, foreign and domestic, especially the scourge that is ISIS. Sanctuary cities will be put on notice that by not cooperating with federal law enforcement and ICE will put any federal funding in jeopardy. We may not be able to deport 12 to 20 million illegal aliens, but if they are restricted from receiving any government aid and denied employment meant for US citizens and legal immigrants, many may opt to return to their countries of origin to hopefully repair those nations and improve the lots of those people demonstrating that a rising tide lifts all boats.

Ted Cruz is a steadfast conservative fervently defending our freedom of religion, the Second Amendment, and the Tenth Amendment that far too many have abandoned. Cruz is solidly pro-life and one of the strongest pro-Israel candidates calling for the move of the US embassy to its rightful place of Jerusalem.

With the repeal of Obamacare employment will rise as employers will not feel stifled by limiting the number of hours a person can work or the number of workers that can be hired in order to remain financially viable thanks to the Draconian penalties associated with Obamacare. Far too many people have lost their health insurance under this administration and it is time the concept of interstate competition be employed as with other forms of insurance.

I am confident a Ted Cruz-Carly Fiorina ticket will begin to restore America’s respectability in the world. I liked Fiorina while she was running for president – she had always been in my top five of the menagerie of GOP candidates, and having met her over the past weekend and spoken with her, she will be a strong vice president to work with a President Cruz. Her knowledge of technology and the military are impressive and her life experiences will add dimensions to the leadership.

Join me today in voting for Senator Ted Cruz here in Indiana.

Sanford D. Horn is a writer and educator living in Westfield, IN.


  1. Independent, Republicans, Libertarians and droves of Democrats, have been breaking ranks & unifying for Trump. His is a message we can believe in. Don't assume the Independents, Libertarians & Democrats will be around in the Generals on a Cruz/Fiorina Ticket, because we, won't be. If the GOP ignores the will of the People, then the People will ignore the GOP, on Election Day 2016. It's a two way street Sanford but don't expect the Voters Trump has united, to back Ted Cruz. You see, many of us have "New York Values"... Especially in Ohio and the entire East & West Coastal States. If the GOP hands this to Cruz, I stay home on Election Day & let the chips fall where they may. And so will millions of other Independents, Libertarians. Cruz will lose and not with dignity, either. - North Carolina

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