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San Francisco is No Treat

San Francisco is No Treat
Commentary by Sanford D. Horn
July 10, 2015

John Edwards (D-NC) was right when the former US Senator and vice presidential nominee oft professed in 2004 there are two Americas. In this case, it is legal America and illegal America.

In legal America, when an American citizen or legal resident commits a crime, is captured, and arrested, he or she is brought before the United States system of jurisprudence to face potential consequences.

In illegal America, when an illegal alien commits a crime, is captured, and arrested, he or she is not charged unless the level of crime reaches that of concern to the government. Local authorities and even ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) are summarily ordered to release these criminal illegals back into the communities from whence they committed their crimes. So called small crimes are overlooked and these criminal illegals are often not even remanded to their country of origin. In far too many cases, such criminal illegals that are actually deported find their way back to American soil, time and time again.

The tragic, unnecessary, and preventable homicide of Kathryn “Kate” Steinle, 32, in the sanctuary city of San Francisco, CA committed by illegal alien Francisco Sanchez, 45, a Mexican national has once again illuminated the horrifically broken system of law and justice. Sanchez was not only convicted of seven felonies, but incurred deportation five times, returning illegally after each ousting. Contact San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee and the 11 members of the Board of Supervisors complicit in the murder of Steinle and politely express your outrage over this crime and continued illegality of the sanctuary city status.

This is not about the passing of comprehensive immigration reform. This is not about the DREAM Act, about which I have written calling it a bona fide American nightmare. This is not about GOP presidential aspirant Donald Trump and his recent comments.

This is about the criminal actions of the more than 200 sanctuary cities harboring hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens in violation of federal law. Cities such as Austin, Baltimore, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, El Paso, Houston, Miami, Minneapolis, Phoenix, Portland (OR), Salt Lake City, Seattle, and Washington, DC are among the roster costing taxpayers $113 billion per year. This is about the continued and worsening plague of illegal aliens invading the United States. This is about the rule of law and how it is intentionally flouted by subversive sanctuary cities in favor of its own anarchistic system of chaos and crime. (For a comprehensive list of sanctuary jurisdictions:

I have long written about not just the need to strip all sanctuary cities of any federal funding, but to end all entitlements for all illegal aliens – including, but not limited to receiving health care and hospitalization, education and in-state tuition, welfare and food stamps, as well as jobs and housing. I have been consistent in my call for deportation of all illegal aliens. After all, if the laws are not applied equally, what is the point of the laws?

At long last, legislation has been proposed by US Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) to block the more than 200 sanctuary jurisdictions from receiving federal law enforcement grants. This is a landmark attempt to finally strip sanctuary jurisdictions from ignoring federal law and placing millions of American citizens in harm’s way. Kate Steinle’s death should not be in vain. Nor should the deaths of thousands of other Americans at the hands of criminal illegals. (

As for the unlikely probability of deporting nearly 20 million criminal illegals, and yes, from the moment they step on American soil sans permission, they have committed a crime, if all entitlements are stripped from these people, some may self-deport, Make no mistake, calling for deportations is not racist, as the word itself sends red flags a-flying amongst knee-jerk liberals and anarchists wanting to compare me to the Nazis.

This comparison is a red herring designed to make those supporting deportation look like the closed minded xenophobes liberals hope to color them. Nazis, under Hitler, deported legal citizens from Germany typically to Poland simply because they were Jewish. It had nothing to do with having broken laws or being illegal aliens. In the US, deporting those who are here illegally is just.

This is not about race either. It is not racist to expect all people in the United States to abide by the same set of laws. This, once again, is about the rule of law. Let’s make this as simple as possible – a person in the United States illegally – without permission – has broken the law. Those people must be returned to their country of origin – after being photographed, fingerprinted, and included in a database of illegals captured and deported.

Should they return to the United States they should be imprisoned. The cost of such imprisonment should be billed to the illegal’s country of origin. Charging the native country for the incarceration of illegals is not a hyperbolic, symbolic gesture. These costs should be subtracted from any aid given to these countries.

Additionally, in support of strengthening immigration laws, the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution needs amending itself. No longer should “anchor babies” be considered legal American citizens simply because they happen to be born on American soil. When faulty or illegally obtained evidence is ruled as inadmissible in a court of law, it is typically referred to as “fruit of the poisonous tree.” As such, children born to those in this country illegally should not enjoy the privilege of American citizenship.

As with the children, why should the parents be rewarded with the privilege of legal status and eventual citizenship when their first act is to break the law of the country to which they will be asked to pledge allegiance and perhaps defend? This is not to say all illegal aliens are bad human beings and have sinister motives for stealing to this country, but this is about rule of law and how it need be applied across the board. Ironically, the Mexican government is stricter regarding those entering that country than the US is concerning the illegals crossing its borders.

When will America be for Americans again?

Sanctuary cities are illegal. They do not work, and are the machinations of liberals scheming to harbor those not deserving of protection, while abandoning the rights of taxpaying American citizens and legal residents. There is no defending the sanctuary city system, yet Barack Obama refuses to enforce the 1996 law enacted under the Bill Clinton administration stating that illegals are to be turned over to ICE.

All jurisdictions and those employed by those jurisdictions refusing to obey the law are complicit in the deaths of, as well as the other crimes such as rape, robbery, and assault committed against people by illegals.

With so many people claiming to be able to multi-task, why can’t the federal government, in concert with state governments, work together to deny entitlements, deport, and build an electric fence?

Sadly, securing the border did not occur under the Reagan administration even after he granted three million illegals amnesty. Reagan, a man, not a G-d, was saddled with a Democrat Congress, and while the issue of illegals and sanctuary cities did not start with Reagan; his administration seems a reasonable benchmark for the “modern era” of the issue.

Both the Republicans and the Democrats are complicit with passing the buck from one administration to the next like a hot potato while the numbers of illegals invading the United States continue to rise exponentially. Democrats see illegals as the next generation of Democrat voters, while the GOP sees them as cheap labor for the corporate donors to Republican campaigns. Illegals should never have the opportunity to vote in American elections and businesses hiring illegals should be fined the equivalent of 10 times a minimum wage worker working a 40-hour week for a 50 week period. There are millions of unemployed, underemployed, and otherwise able-bodied Americans in need of a paycheck.

And while the blame game continues, with Obama spokesman Josh Earnest both blaming Republicans for not passing comprehensive immigration reform, another red herring when discussing sanctuary cities, as well as simply referring the press to the Department of Homeland Security saying the White House does not comment on specific cases.

Such a load of crap and hypocrisy. While still fluid, Obama himself commented on the Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and Freddie Gray cases – because they served his political and racial agenda. The Justice Department and FBI were dispatched to Ferguson, MO and Baltimore to investigate. What about to San Francisco? Yeah, not so much. Additionally, Obama sent three administration representatives to the Brown and Gray funerals. How many were on hand to bear witness at the funeral of Kate Steinle as she was laid to rest on July 9? Hearing crickets from the White House. Why? Because it doesn’t serve Obama’s narrative in the issues of race and immigration reform.

Friends, we are at a precipice in these United States. Are we to return to the days when America was for Americans – those born here, those who legally immigrated here from the world over for better lives and to contribute to making America a better, stronger nation? Or will this nation continue to traverse a road toward a bastardized, third world status living in an environment ruled by a feckless government with no intestinal fortitude racing toward anarchy?

The choice is ours, but we must work for what is best for the future of the United States of America – so help us G-d.

Sanford D. Horn is a writer and educator living in Westfield, IN.

Contacting the San Francisco Mayor and 11 City Supervisors:

Mayor Ed Lee – – 415-554-5184

District            Supervisor                             E-mail                                     Phone number
    1                  Eric Mar                                 415-554-7410
    2                  Mark Farrell                        415-554-7752
    3                  Julie Christensen           415-554-7450
    4                  Katy Tang                               415-554-7460
    5                  London Breed                        415-554-7630
    6                  Jane Kim                                  415-554-7970
    7                  Norman Yee                        415-554-6516
    8                  Scott Wiener                      415-554-6968
    9                  David Campos               415-554-5144
   10                 Malia Cohen                       415-554-7670

   11                 John Avalos                         415-554-6975

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