Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Jordanian Justice is Just

Jordanian Justice is Just
Commentary by Sanford D. Horn
February 4, 2015

While the world burns, or at least select parts of it, Barack Obama fiddles a la Nero, in his continued refusal to classify the easily identifiable enemy in the global war on terror.

Following the absolutely horrific and barbaric murder of Jordanian pilot Lt. Muath al-Kaseabeh, 26, burned alive in a cage by ISIS/ISIL sub-humans, Jordan’s King Abdullah struck back immediately. He ordered the execution of two ISIS/ISIL prisoners – Sajida al-Rishawi, an Iraqi woman whose vest failed to detonate in a suicide bombing attempt in 2005, as well as Ziad al-Karbouli, a one-time aide to Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, a high ranking Jordanian al-Qaeda member.

These tet-a-tets are Muslim versus Muslim, but King Abdullah knew he needed to do what Obama does not have the intestinal fortitude to do – first, identifying the enemy as radical Muslim terrorist animals hell bent on creating a global caliphate and slaughtering anyone who attempts to thwart their efforts. Then Obama needs to work with Congress, his Joint Chiefs, and the Pentagon to aggressively end ISIS/ISIL, al-Qaeda, and any other terrorist operation calling for the destruction of Israel, the United States, and Western Civilization as a whole.

“I couldn’t be more impressed with the way the king of Jordan has handled this… We crave that in the United States,” said Kimberly Guilfoyle, co-host of The Five on the Fox News Channel.

For while Abdullah makes decisions and sends a strong message, Obama continues to play fast and loose with semantics that more than just frustrate the American people. Obama sits around handwringing and attempting to parse words that support his trading terrorists for traitors – recall the Beau Bergdahl for five terrorists in GITMO maneuver as worse than when the New York Mets traded future Hall of Famer Nolan Ryan to the then California Angels in 1971 for Jim Fregosi.

But the Bergdahl swap was explained away by White House Deputy Press Secretary Eric Schultz who looked a deer in the headlights when he said the Taliban, from whence the aforementioned terrorists came, is an “armed insurgency,” but ISIL is a terrorist group. “We don’t make concessions to terror groups,” said Schultz, who sounded more like Sgt. Schultz of the 1960s sitcom Hogan’s Heroes. Yet both Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry called the Taliban a terrorist group as recently as two weeks ago. Of course they wouldn’t be caught dead calling them a Muslim extremist terrorist group. Heaven forbid.

Prior to Jordan’s Abdullah taking action on the overnight of Tuesday-Wednesday, February 3-4, just hours after visiting Obama at the White House, Obama said of ISIS/ISIL, “Whatever ideology they are operating off of is bankrupt,” and they must be “degraded and ultimately defeated.”

“Defeated?” Detritus such as ISIS/ISIL, al-Qaeda, and the rest of the terror Nazis cannot be marked for defeat. They can only be marked for slaughter. “Whatever ideology?” The whole world knows these are radical Muslim extremists. Only Obama and his minions have yet to face reality. These are savages who are killing women and children in ways so barbarous most news stations the world over refuse to show footage. And beyond shooting, throwing off of buildings, beheadings, crucifixions, and burying alive, immolation is a new low, and is not a part of the tenets of Islam. Of course neither is subjecting Iraqi children to abduction and selling into sex slavery, but that hasn’t stopped these filthy animals.

At least Obama didn’t hit the golf course after the fiery death of al-Kaseabeh. Apparently he only does that when an American is beheaded – six minutes from talk to tee.

The butchers hiding behind their masks calling themselves an Islamic state only understand one thing and it is not talk, or negotiation, or deal making, or holding hands singing kum-by-a; because if they are offered a hand, they will summarily cut it off. The only thing these blood-thirsty zealous animals understand is violent death. That is precisely what they should receive, and as quickly as possible before they cross the porous southern border of the United States and march up Main Street in all 50 states littering the countryside with the blood and bodies of innocent American citizens. What is required is will and leadership; sadly there is currently a dearth of both.

Sanford D. Horn is a writer and educator living in Westfield, IN.

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  1. We have the means, but our heinous leader-from-behind us, chooses to appease rather than bully the bullies. This shows that Obama is not a student of History, and he can't recognize barbarism, as the rest of us do!