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What Part of Illegal Don't They Get?

What Part of Illegal Don’t They Get?
Commentary by Sanford D. Horn
June 27, 2013

Here’s an obvious, yet little mentioned irony: we the people elect our fellow citizens to be lawmakers, yet once they reach the vaunted halls of Congress, they become lawbreakers.

This is not hyperbole. With the new illegal immigration amnesty bill passing the Senate, and 14 Republicans complicit in the law-breaking supported by the full force of the Democrats – they will send the bill that will grant a path to citizenship to roughly 20 million illegals who have invaded our borders to the House. Don’t let the government lull you into a false sense of security by thinking the number of illegals is “only” 11 million.

Lest we forget the disaster that was the 1986 amnesty under former President Ronald Reagan, still one of my three political heroes, granting a “mere” three million illegal aliens rights and eventual citizenship. That never did stem the tide of illegals invading the United States, because a sieve-like border will remain as such until it is CLOSED.

Where are the priorities of the elected officials, elected to protect and defend the United States and its borders? The passage of another weak-kneed amnesty bill will further wreck the fabric of this nation, driving it further from the image portrayed and presented by the Founding Fathers.

The answer is that both major political parties are fecklessly in the pockets of either the Hispanics or the business lobby. For the most part, the GOP sees cheap labor while Democrats see upwards of 20 million additional voters joining their ranks, further indebting the United States as more and more indigents suck from the teat that is government. More people on Medicaid, paid for by the taxpayers; more people living in Section 8 housing, paid for by the taxpayers; more students crowding into the already failing public school system, paid for by the taxpayers; more people on welfare and food stamps, paid for by the taxpayers. With a $17 trillion dollar debt, the US citizenry can ill afford to legalize millions of more people to be on the dole and the precipice of poverty.

But who suffers most with the legalization of those who broke the law illegally entering the United States? Those already on the bottom rungs of the socio-economic ladder – historically blacks, American Indians, and Hispanics. Amazingly, these constituencies vote in lock-step for the Democrats without realizing if the Democrats get their way, these low-income workers will have to fight even harder for jobs, thus relegating them to the government plantation for yet another generation.

Instead of rewarding illegals with entitlements, stop cutting veterans’ benefits. Give those men and women their due – they gave their all and then some to defend our rights and freedoms. They deserve more than they already get in terms of respect for their government, their Commander in Chief and less hassle getting the medical aid they need for physical and mental ailments as well as the ability to pay in-state tuition in any state they wish for serving all citizens in all 50 states.

I subscribe to the Tom Tancredo philosophy on illegal immigration – deportation. Simple concept, virtually impossible to enact and enforce, which I recognize. (Tancredo, a Colorado Republican, served honorably in Congress, prior to running for and being defeated for governor of the Centennial State. He entered several primaries for president in 2008.) Barring that, a plan for self-deportation must be put in place. Deny all illegal invaders ANY government entitlement and/or benefit. Just shut them down. Unless they can prove they are here in the United States legally, they get nothing. If they get nothing, they will either leave, or worse yet, turn to crime to survive. Many illegals have already turned to crime – beyond the act of illegally crossing the border – and still have the privilege of remaining in this country.

For those who will label me a racist for wanting to deport or deny, I don’t care. I don’t care because I am not a racist for wanting the rule of law to be followed and enforced. Police and ICE agents around the country are being ordered to look the other way, and that is wrong and criminal. I also don’t care, because I did not ask those here illegally to come here in the first place.

Yes, many people come here because of repressive regimes in their homelands – so did the Pilgrims. But there are laws in this country, and they must be followed. Yes, the children of those illegal aliens did not choose to come here, and we are a nation with a heart; sometimes too big of a heart for our own good, and this is one of those times.

But the time to shut off the spigot is now. The time to enforce the laws is now. The time to seal the borders is now. Build the fence – now, high, and far, and yes, even electric. There are severe penalties for those who are caught sneaking into other countries – even Mexico, which has a southern border sealed like a drum – as it should be – in all countries.

Once the border fences are built, and the borders are genuinely secured, only then should applications for legal immigration be accepted – including from those here illegally. Those here illegally would need to self-deport to their country of origin, apply with the caveat of admitting their illegal status with fines and penalties and under the provision they may never earn citizenship or voting rights, but instead a legal status to permit them to work and pay taxes as new legal residents. They will also be denied entitlements as part of their penalty.

Any illegal alien caught after that time will be automatically photographed, fingerprinted, put in a database, and deported with no future allowance of reentry in the United States.

No student visas will be granted to anyone from a country voting against the United States more than 50 percent of the time in the United Nations. Any student granted the privilege of a student visa will be photographed (already required) and fingerprinted so they can be tracked as they are guests in this country. Overstay your guest privileges and deportation with no change of return will be imposed. Any questions? See September 11, 2001.

Students already here illegally, whether by their own volition or their parents’ illegal actions, should never be allowed to pay in-state tuition, nor qualify for scholarship funds. The DREAM Act is a nightmare that will cost the taxpaying citizens more money they should not have to pay.

No application for immigration will be granted to anyone from a country voting against the United States more than 50 percent of the time in the United Nations. Clearly these are countries not supportive of the United States and their citizens should be denied privileges in this country. No law says the US must grant entrance to anyone, let alone someone from an unfriendly country. Any questions? See September 11, 2001.

Any immigration application accepted will be done so on a probationary basis of three to five years. Commit a crime, go to jail, and then go back to your country of origin with no chance of return. Immigration to the United States is a privilege, not a right.

During the height of the eastern and southern European immigration to the United States from the 1880s to 1920, immigrants were expected to have sponsors, promise of employment, and be cleared upon entry with a clean bill of health. There is no reason why those rules can’t once again be imposed.

In those days, new immigrants worked because there was no promise of welfare, food stamps or government assistance. If they needed help, they procured it from family, friends, or faith-based organizations such as a church or synagogue. New immigrants took pride in learning English and turning the United States into a melting pot.

Today it is just the opposite. There is no melting pot, not demands to have jobs, learn English, or not turn to government assistance. Today, the United States is becoming more and more balkanized with ethnic groups clinging to their home countries and attempting to turn their neighborhoods into modern day shtetls.

That is simply unacceptable. Come to the United States legally and with the promise of making this country a better place. If not, do not come to the United States to turn this country into the cesspools you abandoned without attempting to make them better places. If you come to the United States and burn our flag and salute that of another nation, you are in the wrong country.

Not only is this bill irresponsible, but to suggest that a 1,190-page behemoth, laden with more lard than a pig farm, be read in 72 hours by the members, is also irresponsible.

As for those members of Congress – both houses – heed these messages or you will find yourselves out of jobs – Democrat and Republican alike.

Sanford D. Horn is a writer and educator living in Westfield, IN.

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