Thursday, March 14, 2013

Open the People's House and Take Responsibility

Open the People’s House and Take Responsibility
Commentary by Sanford D. Horn
March 14, 2013

The subjugator in chief, Barack Obama, is fond of making a public stink out of any uncomfortable situation in an effort to get the biggest bang out of the people’s bucks.

Ceasing tours of the White House and disappointing thousands of school children will certainly vault the issue of sequestration to the rank and file and place it squarely in the living rooms of the American people for maximum effect. So too will closing national parks, removing border agents from their posts, and releasing thousands of illegal aliens from prison have a similar negative “photo-op” effect.

Yet in each of those cases, Obama, the man with whom the buck should stop, has wiped his hands and taken no responsibility. Instead Obama placed it anywhere but upon his own narrow shoulders and pointed one finger at the Republicans in blame and the middle finger at the American people.

Fellow Democrat and former President Harry Truman is no doubt rolling over in his grave in shame.

For years the so-called mainstream media was enamored with referring to President Ronald Reagan as the “Teflon president,” as supposedly nothing stuck to him. Yet in reality, it is Obama who has managed to dodge more blame and responsibility than an A-plus student of Patches O’ Houlihan. (“If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball.”)

Not limited to the following, but Obama pushed the blame of Benghazi on to a video hardly anyone saw, deprived an American due process for it, and then hung Susan Rice out to dry. Obama can be blamed for costing Rice the Secretary of State post more than Rice herself, although she was the wrong choice in the first place.

Obama ordered the release of thousands of illegal aliens even before sequestration kicked in and yet, blamed the very program he himself initiated. And then sprung said release on Arizona Governor Jan Brewer (R) at the last minute. With the rocky relationship Obama has had with Brewer, is anyone convinced this wasn’t retaliatory for the way she showed him up in the past? Yes, Obama is just that petty.

Yes, Obama is petty enough to place even more American citizens at risk by allowing the already porous borders to become even more sieve-like by having Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano ratchet up the fear-mongering by threatening the layoff of border agents because of sequestration – Obama’s baby.

And yes, Obama is petty enough to throw thousands of children under the bus – the very busses they would be riding to the White House for their tours only to find the doors locked, again due to Obama’s sequestration. Yet, this time, Obama places blame on the Secret Service for making such a decision. This was Obama’s decision, claiming the $70,000 a week cost for operating the tours of the people’s house was a victim of sequestration, something he also blames on the GOP. However, when Fox News personalities Eric Bolling and Sean Hannity offered to pick up the tab for one week apiece out of their own pockets, the response from White House spokesman Jay Carney was nothing short of the sound of crickets.

While school children are denied access to the people’s house, three White House calligraphers are being paid a collective $270,000 and the Obama’s dog walker rakes in an additional $100,000 per annum. With the advances in technology, isn’t there a font that can simulate calligraphy for a hell of a lot less? After all, Obama hardly signs anything himself any more. As for the dog, why aren’t Sasha and Malia handling that responsibility?

For those who will sneer at the questioning of a “mere” $370,000, remember, that is the people’s money paid for via tax dollars, and it could pay for five weeks of White House tours with 20 grand left over, if my public school math serves me well.

Like his old dog, Obama cannot be taught new tricks. Instead, his is a two trick repertoire – fear monger and blame anyone else in an effort to keep his own hands clean. Mr. Obama, not only are your hands not clean, they have salt water on them – the tears of the children who have been denied a visit to the people’s house.

Sanford D. Horn is a writer and educator living in Westfield, IN.

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