Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Voting is for Citizens, Mr. Mayor

Voting is for Citizens, Mr. Mayor
Commentary by Sanford D. Horn
December 21, 2011

In what should be as big an insult and affront to every American voter and legal immigrant, as one can muster, New Haven, CT Mayor John DeStefano, Jr. is calling for illegals to have the right to vote in municipal elections.

Sounds like a cry for help or a reason for recall – either way, DeStefano, a Democrat, should be out on his tuchus. Demonstrative of his complete bastardization of the laws of this country, DeStefano likened the “plight” of illegals to that of blacks and women prior to their legal enfranchisement in 1870 and 1920 respectively, thanks to the 15th and 19th amendments to the United States Constitution. What a slap in the face of the formerly disenfranchised who, as legal citizens, struggled for years to achieve suffrage. Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony must be apoplectic from the great beyond spinning in their graves like dreidels at Chanukah.

DeStefano said the definition of what it means to be a citizen has changed over time. Seems a citizen is person who pledges allegiance not just to a land, but its laws, rules, concepts, values and is legal recognized by the government. The first act committed by an illegal alien upon invading our borders was to break the law – certainly not the sign of a good citizen.

New Haven, already a sanctuary city, shields a population of roughly 12,000 illegals. This in a city that cast fewer than 15,000 votes in its last mayoral election out of the approximately 64,000 registered voters (New Haven Register) and boasts a population of over 123,000 (

“If you live here, you pay taxes here, and send your kids to school here, you should be able to vote,” said DeStefano, reelected in November to an unprecedented 10th term as mayor. He further went on to say that undocumented residents deserve the same rights as other minorities. In 2007 the city provided illegals with municipal identification cards giving them access to banks and banking – under the auspices of the DeStefano regime.

How insanely obtuse is DeStefano? Does he not comprehend the rule of law? These roughly 12,000 illegals have invaded the United States. They have broken the law. And this clearly un-American mayor wants to reward miscreants and scofflaws with the privilege of the vote. I’m becoming more incensed reading each word as I write them. This is outrageous and should be an impeachable offense by DeStefano.

DeStefano absurdly suggested that there are 5,000 non-New Haven citizens at Yale University – but they are there legally. Where he was going with that nebulous thought?

Regardless of DeStefano’s convoluted desire, the Connecticut state legislature would have to approve such a scheme, and they do not reconvene until February. Additionally, Governor Dan Malloy (D) said he is “leery” of such a plan and unsure if he would sign it into law should it reach his desk.

New Haven is not the first municipality to attempt to undertake such a dissident and licentious plan to reward lawbreakers with privileges granted to law abiding citizens. San Francisco and Portland (OR) have also considered such egregious behavior in their own cities, but have not enacted such dubious legislation – yet.

Wise up Mayor DeStefano and any other municipal leader considering such vituperative action against the honest, law abiding, legally registered voters of your communities. Enacting such an anti-American plan could cost such municipalities federal dollars and even tourist dollars from real Americans who believe in the rule of law and not rewarding criminal behavior.

Sanford D. Horn is a writer and educator living in Westfield, IN.

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