Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Scouts Dishonored Over Gender Issue

Scouts Dishonored Over Gender Issue.
Commentary by Sanford D. Horn
November 1, 2011

Boys will be boys, except when boy will be Girl Scout.

If this story does not seem incredulous or make you completely apoplectic, then nothing will.

Seven-year-old Bobby Montoya set out to join the Girl Scouts in the Denver area with blessings from mother Felisha Archuleta. However, Bobby is not short for Roberta, nor is Bobby a girl, regardless of his penchant for playing with dolls and his proclivity for wearing female attire – to school, again, with his mother’s blessing.

But, because Bobby is living his life as a girl, Girl Scouts of Colorado reversed a previous decision denying him a membership with a local troop and has welcomed him as a potential Girl Scout on Tuesday, October 25, according to a statement by the state organization.

“We make the distinction that if a child is living life as a girl and the family brings the child to us and says my daughter wants to be a Girl Scout, we welcome her,” said Rachelle Trujillo, communications president with Girl Scouts of Colorado.

What part of biology class did the mother and the Girl Scouts miss?

I do not prescribe to the notion that homosexuality is genetically predisposed. And in the case of this seven-year-old boy – yes, a boy, as long as he possesses a Y chromosome, he is a boy; regardless of the twisted parenting style his two mommies have thrust upon him.

And while this may upset the live and let live crowd, this is the slippery slope of same sex partners raising a child – whether biological or adoptive. A seven-year-old boy living life as a girl did not wake up one morning and decide to don a pair of heels. Parental influence clearly is at play here, but this is the life a child, a child who is being abused by so-called parents attempting to play G-d and manipulate an innocent child in their own deviant and destructive image.

“We have privacy rights that we are very respectful of with families. We do not require proof of gender when a family wants their daughter to be a member of Girl Scouts,” said Trujillo in a statement that will create havoc and a quagmire beyond their narrow-minded and clearly licentious agenda.

“Girl Scouts is an inclusive organization and we accept all girls in kindergarten through 12th grade as members. If a child identifies as a girl and the child’s family presents her as a girl, Girl Scouts of Colorado welcomes her as a girl scout,” said a statement from the organization.

This is a child destined for a life of mental instability. Archuleta reported that Bobby is bullied in school on a regular basis. Make no mistake – NO CHILD DESERVES TO BE BULLIED. (I know from first-hand experience the staggering and deleterious effects bullying has on the long term psyche of a child long after the school bell rings and the child is an adult.)

Imagine how much worse it will get for Bobby when he is walking through the halls in his Girl Scouts uniform. The blame squarely lies on the shoulders of the two women raising this youngster who is too unprepared mentally to make the cogent decision of how he is to be raised.

Here’s an interesting Catch-22. When Bobby’s Girl Scout troop takes to the woods for an overnight camping trip will he sleep in the same tent as the biological girls? When the troop visits the local YMCA for swimming, will Bobby change in the same locker room as the girls? Shower with the girls? After all Bobby is living his life as a girl and Girl Scouts of Colorado recognizes Bobby as such. The minute Girl Scouts of Colorado designate a separate facility for Bobby, they have recognized him as a boy – game over, and he should be out of Girl Scouts.

Has the level of morality in society today sunk to the depths that a child’s gender is so nebulous that an organization once the standard bearer of morality and decency as the scouts – both boy and girl – is so obsequious as to align itself with the politically correct agents of societal ruin?

Is the comfort level of the scouts who will have this seven-year-old boy thrust upon them so insignificant? How will that boy feel when parents begin to remove their daughters from that troop and request a troop reassignment? Must Bobby’s mothers alienate their son to the point of future tragedy just to satisfy their own lugubrious agenda?

This whole matter makes me want to toss my Girl Scout cookies, and the Thin Mints haven’t even arrived yet.

Sanford D. Horn is a writer and educator living in Westfield, IN.


  1. I agree with most of what you had to say here and I am disappointed in the Girl Scouts for backing down, most obviously because Bobby is clearly a boy and whether they choose to recognize him as a girl or not, the bottom line is that special accomodations must be made as he is in fact a boy. Where I disagree with you is your belief that a healthy and well adjusted child cannot be the product of homosexual parents. I have witnessed children raised by "two mommies" who understand that it is not a conventional way to grow up but have adjusted well and without ridicule. I think you have taken one example of abuse by a parent and used it to form an opinion that it is the norm rather than the exception.

  2. I happen to agree with Nikki here. I am disappointed with the Girl Scouts here for the same exact reason as Nikki is. This is a boy. As the mother of a girl scout, I would not want this child sharing a tent and showering with my daughter at camp. This child's gender identity issue may or may not have anything to do with however many mommies he has. I agree this is likely the exception. The parents may choose to raise their boy as a girl by the Girl Scouts of America does not have to comply. While I disagree that homosexuality is not genetically predisposed, I want to point out that this child may or may not be a homosexual. The gender of the person this child eventually may become attracted to may or may not match the child's gender identity. They are two different things.