Monday, September 19, 2011

Veto Palestinian Homeland

Veto Palestinian Homeland
Commentary by Sanford D. Horn
September 19, 2011

There have been myriad on-line petitions asking signatories to demand the United Nations deny granting statehood status to the so-called Palestinian people. I have not signed a single one of them.

Before anyone become apoplectic in a knee-jerk reaction that I, a strong, lifelong supporter of Israel, would support such a lugubrious notion of granting any sense of legitimacy to a group who continues to have as part of its charter the ultimate destruction of the State of Israel, one must understand the fatal flaw of the petitions.

The petitions call for a two-state solution with a Palestinian homeland side by side with Israel upon a change in the Palestinian Authority charter as well as a recognition of the Jewish state and its right to exist.

This is a flawed process as it is rewarding the bad behavior of the so-called Palestinian people – decades of terror/homicide attacks and bombings on innocent Israeli men, women and children. And I say so-called Palestinian people as what exists are generations of refugees rejected by nearly two dozen Arab nations who could easily have absorbed these people years ago and avoided the constant bloodshed that has existed between the attackers and the attacked.

Historically speaking, the so-called Palestinian people should be calling Jordan their home. And it begs the question, if 22 nations have rejected their Arab brethren, why should tiny Israel, roughly the size of New Jersey, be responsible for giving a home to people hell bent on the destruction of Israel and the Jewish people?

The United Nations, already an irrelevant body for years, will no doubt attempt, to the best of its so-called powers, grant statehood to the so-called Palestinian people later this week. The Obama administration, via Secretary of State Hillary Clinton MUST use its veto via the Security Council to prevent this from occurring.

This upcoming vote clearly is a hand-wringer for Obama personally, as has been evidenced by his support of a Palestinian homeland and his vile treatment of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. On the one hand, Obama, who already has a fractious relationship with Israel and American Jewish voters, needs to display some backbone and instruct Secretary Clinton to cast a veto. Yet, he personally would like to do just the opposite – and this is what Jewish voters MUST remember come November 2012.

Should the unthinkable occur, and the so-called Palestinian people be granted this undeserved homeland, the United States should immediately rescind the roughly $500 million in aid given to them. Why the so-called Palestinians are given one red cent of American tax-paying dollars in the first place is unconscionable.

Additionally, the United States should not just leave the UN, it should boot the entire insignificant organization out of this country, demand all debts be paid under the penalty of withholding additional aid to any nation failing to acquiesce. Obama claims he is seeking cost-cutting ideas. The United States provides roughly 25 percent of the funding that keeps the typically anti-American United Nations afloat. There are 193 member nations. All things being equal, and Obama is a major advocate of spreading the wealth around, the United States financial obligation should be around one half of one percent, not the backbreaking 25 percent it kicks in at present.

The League of Nations failed and the time has come to say adios, sayonara, ciao, viszlat, zai jian, yasou, totsiens, aloha and shalom to the United Nations. Buh-bye.

Sanford D. Horn is a writer and educator living in Westfield, IN.

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