Sunday, May 1, 2011

New In Town, but Paying Attention

New In Town, but Paying Attention
Commentary by Sanford D. Horn
May 1, 2011

I must take issue with Matthew Tully’s commentary “Primary day: There’s a reason to care. Really.”

In his somewhat amusing, sad but true thoughts about primaries, if he wanted to encourage people to get off their collective duffs and out to the polls on Election Day, he should have mentioned Westfield.

I’ve been in town a mere 96 hours and even I know there is a mayoral primary between Mayor Andy Cook and his challenger Russell Cameron. Yet, Tully ignores the Westfield race and gripes, rightfully, about the paucity of challengers in the numerous single-candidate races.

Then, I question the inconsistency of Jon Murray’s article, “Area’s mayoral contests, schools take the spotlight.”

While Murray discusses the mayoral race in Indianapolis, along with Mayor Greg Ballard’s opponents, as well as the participants in the Carmel contest, four GOP mayors in Indianapolis suburbs, including my new home of Westfield, were mentioned as facing opposition, yet nary a mention of their names.

This explains the Duma-like rate of incumbent reelection. Being in town 96 hours, I do not have a dog in this fight – this year.

Sanford D. Horn moved to Westfield last week and is looking forward to getting involved in his new community.

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