Monday, October 25, 2010

Send Moran Packing - Military Style

Send Moran Packing – Military Style
Commentary by Sanford D. Horn
October 25, 2010

While there are myriad reasons not to send Jim Moran back to Congress, his recent disparaging remarks against every member of the military past, present and future top the list.

To suggest, nay, in Moran’s case to say outright, that military service is not community or public service is as a big an affront to anyone who ever wore, wears or will wear the uniform – regardless of political affiliation. When those brave men and women don the uniform it says United States Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard – not Democrat or Republican.

Moran should be ashamed of himself and remind all the voters in Virginia Eighth Congressional District when they cast their ballots next Tuesday, November 2 that the Pentagon and the hallowed ground of Arlington National Cemetery is in their district.

While on the subject of the military and Election Day, there have been stories around the country regarding delays in getting ballots to our servicemen and women overseas. This is an absolute disgrace. If there is any group whose ballots should be counted it is those folks There is no excuse for this to happen.

And although I am not a conspiracy theorist, the largest amount of delayed ballots have come from New York, Illinois, Arkansas and New Mexico. You do the electoral math. Every military ballot should be counted. If that means delaying the certification of elections in some districts, so be it. That’s partly why there is a lame duck session – votes need to be verified and recounts need to occur where necessary.

There has been a move for a number of years, coming almost exclusively from the left, to enfranchise non-citizens simply because they are living in the United States – legally – working, paying taxes, etc. This has gained more and more traction, which should never be allowed. When so little concern is offered to our overseas troops’ potential disenfranchisement, why is there a push to give voting rights to non-citizens?

That then leads to my last Election Day and voter concern – voter fraud. No one without a voter registration card and a photo ID should be allowed to vote – period. There is no excuse for a voter to not carry his or her card in their wallet. Arguments have been made that to expect people to show up at the polls with identification is somehow a violation of their rights is specious at best, moronic and insane is more like it.

Eventually voter registration cards should actually have a photo on them. Whatever the cost to produce it is worth it to protect and guarantee the sanctity of elections in this Republic. Remember, on Election Day next Tuesday, your vote counts – use it!

Sanford D. Horn is a writer and political consultant living in Alexandria, VA.

[This column appeared in the Alexandria Times.]

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