Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Thank You, Now Get Out, Dick

Thank You, Now Get Out, Dick
Commentary by Sanford D. Horn
May 19, 2010

A fib is a lie; a lie is a lie; yet in the world of politics a lie is but a misstatement.

Using the very veterans he claims to embrace and support as both pawns and a shield, Richard “Dick” Blumenthal (D-CT) refused to admit he simply lied about serving in Vietnam during the war that continues to launch thousands of scars and nightmares amongst those who actually did serve over there as well as the survivors of the more than 58,000 who give their lives over there.

“I regret that I misspoke and take full responsibility for my words,” said the current state’s attorney general and candidate for the US Senate. Blumenthal, who did serve in the US Marines Corps Reserves, also said he refuses to allow a “few misplaced words to impugn my service to my country,” to the applause and “hoo-aahs” of the veterans before which he spoke on Tuesday, May 18 at, ironically a VFW lodge. Ironic, because the candidate-liar is ineligible for membership in the Veterans of Foreign Wars, having not served in one.

It takes a certain brand of chutzpah to lie about serving in a war and an even bigger set of cajones to dupe the very veterans supporting that person running for public office. Blumenthal offered no apology and instead of dropping his bid to succeed the ethically-challenged Senator Chris Dodd (D-CT), hid behind the veterans – bona fide heroes who did serve in Vietnam.

Adding insult to injury, it has also been discovered that Blumenthal also lied about having been the captain of his college swim team, when in reality he never even belonged to the team. Now, he is all wet.

Having violated the public trust, Blumenthal, proving to have a history of lying – yes, lying, not making misstatements, should do the honorable thing and not only drop his bid for the U.S. Senate, but resign as Attorney General of Connecticut. It’s called honor and contrition – words Blumenthal will no doubt need to consult Webster’s to comprehend.

Thank you for your service to both country and Connecticut, now go away, Mr. Blumenthal.

Sanford D. Horn is a writer and political consultant living in Alexandria, VA.

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