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Celebrating Passover - Freedom From Obama

Celebrating Passover – Freedom From Obama
Commentary by Sanford D. Horn
March 29, 2010

Spring has sprung, and so too will Pesach, beginning Monday night – celebrating freedom for the Jewish people the world over.

The irony that should slap the Jewish community in the face with force of a Barack Obama snub of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, is that Obama does not respect Israel enough to approve of her enjoying the freedoms we here in the United States enjoy, or those for which he is pushing on totalitarian regimes.

United States-Israel relations seem to be at an all time low – a chill not this icy since the last time John and Elizabeth Edwards were in a room together.

Pesach celebrates freedom, renewal, renaissance and independence – commemorating the hundreds of years the Jewish people wore the chains of slavery in Egypt. It is an independent Israel doing what it has every right to do – build homes for its citizens on its own land. Bibi Netanyahu was 100 percent correct when he said, “Jerusalem is not a settlement – it’s our capital.”

Who does Obama think he is telling Israel not to build there, or anywhere else for that matter. Has anyone heard Netanyahu suggest that no new homes be built in Northeast DC? “They’re building bedrooms in Jerusalem and bombs in Iran,” said former Arkansas Governor and current Fox News commentator Mike Huckabee in condemning Obama’s treatment of Netanyahu and applauding the Israeli Prime Minister for building in East Jerusalem. And who does Obama think he is making demands of Netanyahu on the Sabbath – and the Sabbath prior to Pesach no less. Could Obama be more disrespectful?

Obama’s animus toward Israel is beyond disappointing – it’s a shonda – but it’s not the least bit surprising knowing who he has associated with for more than 20 years – Jeremiah Wright, Louis Farrakhan, Michael Pfleger, Bill Ayers and a cast of numerous other admitted socialists and anti-Semites.

In Obama we have a so-called leader bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia, shaking hands and slapping backs with Venezuela’s dictator Hugo Chavez, yet nary a photo-op with Netanyahu during his visit last week. This is not in keeping with The Godfather philosophy of “keep your friends close and your enemies closer,” when he is pushing away the closest, most reliable friend this nation has in one of the most volatile regions of the world.

Obama’s dismissive and disrespectful behavior toward Netanyahu and Israel is deplorable and should send a strong wake-up call to the American people as a whole and the Jewish liberals so hell-bent on supporting this so-called leader that he is no friend of the Jewish people. Sure, Obama surrounds himself with Jews – especially the likes of Senior Advisor David Axelrod, Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel and Rahm’s doctor brother Ezekiel Emanuel. One can only imagine the “pride” the Emanuel’s father who served in the Israeli military must feel.

American Jews had better heed the message and take action. Sadly, the majority of Jewish liberals are secularists and statists at best, and so deeply mired in the agenda of reshaping this country in the socialist images of the ‘60s radicals they worship more than G-d Himself, that they are simply too far gone. (Not even Richard M. Nixon with his virulent anti-Semitism had this horrendous a relationship with Israel. Even Dick Nixon understood the importance of the friendly relations shared with Golda Meir and Israel.

This is not the Democratic Party of our parents or grandparents – although FDR was no help to the Jewish community during the Holocaust. Gone are the Harry Trumans, the JFKs, the Henry “Scoop” Jacksons and the Daniel Patrick Moynihans of the Democratic Party. It has been co-opted by radical leftists who admit to idolizing the likes of Che,  Mao, Chavez and their ilk.

This is not a game being played here, and Israel’s survival is at stake. While Israel and Netanyahu are being chided by Obama and Hillary Clinton for domestic activities, Obama has yet to approve sanctions upon Iran, thus making it more and more likely that Israel in 2010 will need to behave toward Iran as it did toward Iraq in 1981.

As for conditions for Israel and the “Palestinians” to break bread (or matzoh for the next eight days), any deal involving the surrender of even one inch of land is no deal at all. The “Palestinians” should never be rewarded for their evil, murderous ways. They won’t even agree to say the words that Israel has a right to exist. They have not put the place name Israel on their maps and continue teaching vile hatred of Jews and Israel in schools perpetuating their legacy of death, destruction and mayhem.

The notion of returning to the pre-1967 War borders is patently absurd. Should the United States return to its pre-Mexican-American War borders of 1845? Does the notion of Manifest Destiny only apply to the United States As the late great Rabbi Meir Kahane said about winning and losing in war – when you win, you win – you don’t give back land; when you lose, you lose.

Israel is the only true safe haven for the Jewish people. All other lands, including the United States are but a part of the Diaspora. This administration has been deafening in its words against Israel, and while I love my country – the United States of America, I despise this administration, what it represents, its goals, and its vision for America’s and even the world’s future.

May we all have a happy and meaningful Pesach.

Sanford D. Horn is a writer and political consultant living in Alexandria, VA.

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