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Gov't Reaction to Protesters - Un-American

Gov’t Reaction to Protesters – Un-American
Commentary by Sanford D. Horn
August 10, 2009

Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) demonstrates how her permanent residence in her ivory tower sneering down upon the minions beneath her has affected her perspective, when she liberally accuses American citizens of having mob mentality for simply exercising their rights to free speech and expression as guaranteed by the Constitution.

Remember the Constitution? It’s that pesky little document that has stood the test of time since 1787, but has slowly been torn asunder and ignored since January 20, 2009.

Perhaps the Shrieker of the House needs a refresher course in the Constitution of the United States. Perhaps she needs to actually mingle amongst the people who send her to Washington every two years and find out what’s really on their minds. Perhaps she needs to have Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) join her on a listening tour to see that the “well dressed” protesters are not Nazis wielding swastikas, torches and pitchforks traipsing through the villages scaring the women and children.

Where were Pelosi, Boxer, et al during the George W. Bush administration when their supporters liberally paraded around following Bush from appearance to appearance carrying swastika-laden signs, pictures depicting Bush with Hitleresque mustaches and Bush side by side with Hitler? There was no condemnation, just the defense of the protesters’ freedom of speech and expression.

Well, many of the people currently protesting, in an appropriate and legal fashion, are women – businesswomen, women who are doctors, mothers, students and children who are old enough to know better than the average member of Congress that Obama-care is a farce and will bankrupt this nation. These are real people with genuine concerns.

The Organizer in Chief seems only to support the notion of citizens taking to the streets and town hall meetings to protest issues that he deems appropriate for objection. It seems to many of us who are literate that Obama-care is a form of eugenics, a life and death controlling system run by government and a litany of bureaucrats who have little to no connection to the medical field.

Obama, Pelosi and Boxer need to read some American history – they’ve got time since they are clearly not reading the legislation they advocate, write and support. They need to read the part about protesters being the epitome of Americana. They need to read the part about how the United States would not be the United States were it not for the John Adamses, Sam Adamses, Thomas Jeffersons, James Madisons, Thomas Paines and George Washingtons taking up the call for freedom and liberty – all starting with protests, pamphlets and passion. They need to remember that were it not for protests, the battle for independence would never have taken place and they would still be driving on the left side of the road speaking British-English.

There is nothing un-American about the peaceful gathering of American citizens at their Congressman’s town hall meeting and demanding answers. They work for us! We hired them in November 2008 and we can fire them in November 2010. They are answerable to the people, not the other way around. If your member of Congress is not holding a town hall meeting, call his or her office and DEMAND one – it’s your right to get answers. When people like Pelosi, Boxer, Harry Reid (D-NV) and Steny Hoyer (D-MD) say they don’t understand the so-called anger and vitriol of their constituents, and dismiss it as manufactured, it’s because they are out of touch with what is on the minds of the voters. Hoyer actually called a group of protesters “rabid” adding that “normal citizens do not behave this way.”

If their behavior was untoward it was provoked and manifested by an administration ignoring the people. Yet, in reality this was simply a group of American citizens attending a town hall meeting demanding answers from the elected representatives who have been dodging their responsibilities, and must be held accountable.

For the majority of you reading this, you live in the 8th Congressional District of Virginia. Representative Jim Moran is holding a town hall meeting on Tuesday, August 25 from , at South Lakes High School located at
11400 South Lakes Drive
, Reston. Moran will be joined by the screamer, Howard Dean, who is by trade, a doctor. As the great radio host Bob Grant says, “your influence counts – use it!”

Sanford D. Horn is a writer and political consultant living in Alexandria, VA.

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