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Obama Scarier Than Halloween

Obama Scarier Than Halloween
Commentary by Sanford D. Horn
October 27, 2008

Halloween may be observed on Friday around this great nation, but scarier is the ghoulish potential for the United States to be haunted for the next four years by Senator Barack Hussein Obama (D-IL), Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). The chills running up the nation’s collective spines must be mind numbingly frightening.

While children take to the streets in search of tricks and treats, consider the tricks that an Obama administration will surely play on a mostly unsuspecting nation. Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee made a most appropriate Halloween analogy so simple that when children are asked about this, they will give an answer so resounding, their advice should be heeded. Huckabee likened Obama’s “spread the wealth around” mantra to this – ask your children if they think it would be appropriate if all those trick or treaters who took the time to get decked out in costumes, took the time to go door to door collecting their sweet treats, were forced to give half of their take to the children who stayed at home and did not put in the effort.

It’s like the insurance commercial slogan, “so simple a…”. Well, that commercial has been seen enough. What has not been seen is the truth behind the Obama economic policy. He is not looking to fix the economy. He is seeking to redistribute income – like a demented Robin Hood. In his standard stump speech Obama reminds those listening that taxes will not be raised on anyone earning $250,000 or less. Yet, just this past weekend in Obama commercials, approved by the candidate himself, after all, he said so, that figure is now reduced to $200,000. Seems more people will see their tax liability increase under Obama. What will it be by inauguration day - $150,000? $100,000? Where does it end Senator?

Another aspect of the alleged Obama economic recovery calls for the end of the Bush tax cuts. That, my friends, is an increase in taxes for many more people. Add to that, Obama first said 95 percent of Americans would not endure tax increases, then he shifted gears to 95 percent of working Americans would not endure tax increases. Judging from the aforementioned information, that just doesn’t seem plausible.

Obama also talks about growing the economy from the bottom up. Now, I’m no Milton Friedman, of Blessed memory, but plants and trees with solid roots and fortification can grow from the bottom up, not the economy. Obama wants to add to the tax burden of corporate America. Who does he think will bear the burden of those increases? People like Joe the Plumber and Sanford the writer will when corporations raise the prices on the goods and services they produce and sell. In order to maintain their profit margins, employment will be reduced putting Joe the Plumber out of work unable to buy those products. This vicious cycle will lead to catastrophic results.

Giving handouts to those at the bottom rung will not fix what ails the economy. Raising the tax on capital gains will not fix the economy either. But that is not Obama’s goal. He is not seeking to fix the economy, but instead redistribute the wealth of those hard working risk takers who struggled to buy their own businesses and invest in companies that may or may not succeed. Why is the government entitled to suck off the success of the risk taker in America? Why are those who have not made an effort entitled to a piece of the pie that someone else baked after planting the seeds and growing the fruit? That is not how America works. We the people do have a responsibility for those persons who are physically or mentally unable to care for themselves – that’s the compassionate part of conservatism. But endlessly priming the pump will only produce an empty pump. The haves will be discouraged from producing more and more only to be allowed to keep less and less. Then the have nots will wonder why the well has run dry.

Obama should take a page from President John F. Kennedy. So many have incorrectly compared the two Democrats, at least Obama could emulate something Kennedy did – lower tax rates. Yes, that’s right, for those who do not remember or do not want to be reminded, JFK lowered tax rates and that spurred the economy. People had more disposable income, they did just that, and new jobs were created, thus adding to the federal coffers due to the increase in tax revenue collected because more people paid into the system. And, by the way, Obama is nothing like Kennedy. JFK served in the US Navy during World War II, garnered a seat in Congress, served three terms prior to being elected to the Senate, twice, then running for president. Obama served a mere 140 working days in the Senate before announcing his White House aspirations.

Obama is not alone here. On October 21 Representative Barney Frank (D-MA) said, “There’s a lot of rich people out there whom we can tax.” Apparently what’s yours is his. And yet, Frank will win reelection, with at least 60 percent of the vote. One of the many problems with Congress is that while it has a lower approval rating that President Bush, people claim to distrust the body politic, but like their own representative.

Yet the notion of a veto-proof government with the Democrats controlling the White House, the Senate and the Congress, and virtually no checks on it is not what democracy is all about. The Founding Fathers created a democratic republic. They no doubt would be horrified by what government has become – a bloated sow, spending money it has little to no constitutional right to spend, kissing the collective behinds of lobbyists and special interest groups from coast to coast and ignoring the call of the people. Both Democrats and Republicans are guilty as charged here.

Congress approved a bailout of Wall Street – signed on to by both Senator Obama and Senator John McCain (R-AZ). Has it worked? No. Will it? No. Why not? Because the people opposed it and the market continues slumping toward a cozy corner of Hell due to a sheer lack of confidence and a fear of the unknown. With all of Obama’s proposed economic hocus pocus, there is a rampant fear causing a tremendous sell off. The advice I gave last week still holds, don’t panic, don’t sell. Not because of any confidence in an Obama administration, but instead knowing that the market is cyclical and will recover in spite of the occupant at
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

Perhaps former President Bill Clinton was right when he said “it’s the economy, stupid.” That said, the nation needs an economic face lift from the top down, not social engineering that will cripple the economy and perhaps bankrupt a nation. Let’s not turn into Iceland.

Sanford D. Horn is a writer and political consultant living in Alexandria, VA.

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