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Illegally Moving to the Head of the Class

Illegally Moving to the Head of the Class
Commentary by Sanford D. Horn
November 22, 2002

While the INS continues to demonstrate its incompetence, it is also being aided and abetted by members of academia. A report last week has provoked added frustration already being felt with regard to the illegal immigration epidemic plaguing this great nation heading down the slippery slope toward third-worldism.

Academia, historically marching in lock step with liberalism, has become a virtual safe haven for illegals to hide behind, as many plot to wreak havoc on the same country protecting their ability to garner an education – and at discounted rates to boot.

But before tackling that issue, let’s not forget the growing numbers of foreigners in the U.S. legally, possessing student visas under the guise of getting an education, only to disappear – never setting foot one on a college campus – in order to commit heinous acts against the country that granted them legal entry in the first place.

The spigot allowing for the free flow of student visa applications to be approved must be turned off. Not permanently, but at least until the authorities have a secure handle on who is coming, from where and a system to ensure that these students are actually attending classes. There should be government representatives who travel from campus to campus to meet with these students on a periodic basis, say, twice a semester. There should also be an absolute moratorium regarding the approval of any student visa application from any nation on the “axis of evil” or potential terrorist list as determined by the federal government. There should also be a moratorium denying admission to student applicants from countries supporting the enemies of the United States. There has to be a price to pay.

Returning to the issue at hand, how academia’s protection of illegal immigrants is harmful to the United States. First and foremost, any person on U.S. soil illegally, has broken the law. Period. It’s as simple as that. That point established, if a college or university is able to determine that certain applicants or students are illegal immigrants, by granting admission to said students or allowing such students to register for classes is an act of aiding and abetting the illegal immigrant. These people need to be returned to their country of origin. If they wish to study in an American college or university, they can apply, through legal channels.

The Washington Post, however, indicated that “there is no specific federal prohibition against colleges and universities enrolling illegal immigrants.” That is mind boggling. As mind boggling as professional sports leagues having drug policies that merely punish its athletes for the possession or use of illegal substances when non athletes are subject to prosecution and potential jail time. (Don’t misunderstand – the sports leagues are wrong and the drug laws in this country are not strict enough.)

Obviously there needs to be a federal prohibition denying entrance to illegal immigrants to the nation’s colleges and universities. And for that matter, to all schools at all levels. After all, these people are here illegally. They do not deserve the rewards of occupying a chair in a classroom that could be used by an American citizen or legal non-citizen. Nor do they deserve the rewards of free or reduced-priced breakfast or lunch provided at taxpayers’ expense – taxes paid by those people in this country legally.

Amazingly, there is a growing number of lawmakers who oppose denying illegal immigrants the benefits of health care and higher education, suggesting that to deny those benefits would threaten the “safety and economic well being of the communities in which they live.” Again, and this can’t be said strenuously enough, these people immigrated to the United States illegally. They have broken the law. Why are they being rewarded?

These people need to be returned to their home countries. In anticipation of the response expected from many liberals and even some conservatives, this is in no way comparable to Nazi Germany’s mass deportations of Jewish citizens. That’s the key – they were citizens. And those Jewish citizens of Germany subsequently faced firing squads and gas chambers at the hands of Germans (Nazis), not the hands of the nationals from the countries the Jews were deported to. Granted, there were myriad conspirators from the receiving countries as well. Clear thinking Americans do not support the vanquishing of illegal immigrants, just that they are returned to their home countries. And there’s the rub – not the anticipation of the expected response from liberals, but that coming from some conservatives.

Such an example comes from Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT), typically a good conservative. He is not only not pushing to deny admission and registration to illegal immigrant students, but he is encouraging – via bill introduction – states to make it possible for these illegals to get a tuition discount and pay in-state rates. Within the past two years, California, New York and Texas have made that suggestion a reality; and it is being considered in Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina and Utah. Understandable in such liberal bastions as California, New York, Maryland, Massachusetts and Minnesota, but the more conservative North Carolina and Utah – it makes no sense.

The whole concept in the first place makes no sense. By granting approval to such an outlandish suggestion in-state citizens will lose seats at colleges and universities. After all, state colleges and universities make more money granting admission to out of state students who must pay higher tuition. Parents of students should not vote for legislators who support such ill-conceived legislation. Such legislation only encourages continued illegal immigration – already out of control, with roughly 13 million illegals in the United States.

Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-CO) suffered sharp criticism at the hands of Republicans and Democrats alike for recently attempting to deport an illegal immigrant family after a college-age son announced that the family is in the United States illegally, but wanted reduced in-state tuition rates. He announced that he and his family are lawbreakers and then wants to be rewarded for the effort. Tancredo did the absolute right thing.

For those disagreeing, where does one draw the line? The whole world can not live in the United States. Some people need to stay in their home countries and attempt to right the wrongs there. This is not the second half of the 19th Century. Back then, people immigrated, for the most part, legally, with hopes of financial betterment and religious freedom. They learned English and didn’t have social programs to rely upon. They pulled themselves up by their own bootstraps or by the bootstraps of family members who typically helped them first, by providing a place to live and oftentimes help in finding work.

The world has changed dramatically – mostly for the better. The world has also gotten smaller via technology – partly for the better, such as communications; partly for the worse, such as the ability to destroy the world faster. (Again, don’t misunderstand – a strong defense is vital to this nation’s security and prosperity.)

Aside from Tancredo, another voice of sanity is that of Virginia Attorney General Jerry Kilgore. He has called for the colleges and universities within the Commonwealth of Virginia to report to federal authorities illegal immigrants attending those schools. Removal of these illegal students would create spots for U.S. citizens or those non-citizen students here legally.

Apart from Tancredo and Kilgore, it could be that political leaders are too concerned with garnering the votes from ethnic groups. Or perhaps they are out of touch with the desires of the voters. Look at the states considering in-state tuition for illegal immigrants, and look at who the citizens voted for on November 5. Maryland elected Bob Ehrlich governor – the state’s first GOP governor since Spiro Agnew in the ‘60s. Voters in Massachusetts elected Mitt Romney governor, a Republican in a state that has no Republican Congressmen. Minnesota and North Carolina citizens elected Republicans Norm Coleman and Elizabeth Dole respectively to the United States Senate. Perhaps the voters are sending a message that they want more conservative leadership.

Voters around the nation should contact their state legislators and federally elected officials and tell them how they feel about allowing illegal immigrants to sponge off the American taxpayers. Do not reward their lawbreaking with healthcare, free or reduced breakfast and lunch and seats in American classrooms that should be reserved for American citizens and those legal immigrants who stood in line, waited their turn and followed the law.

Sanford D. Horn is a writer living in Alexandria, VA.

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